die Zahlen…

I want to post my latest “weigh-in” and mileage numbers before we head out to Paris and then Berlin this weekend…


The temptations (of which I will embrace and indulge in) of giant bucket sized beers,

platters of sausages and kraut and closing time Kebabs

MUST be countered with runs in the Tiergarten and along the Seine. I’m actually bringing my running shoes…….again, I ask….WHO am I now?


current weight-91 kilos (200.62 pounds)

amount lost-15 kilos (33.06 pounds)

goal weight for the PDX return-88.45 kilos (195 pounds)

I’m now running 5.5 miles a day (except one weekend day) for a total of 33 miles a week.

Mapping the region…….with sweat and song

Our Pont-Aven running gang (Melissa, Cedric, John and I) has been obsessing over this really cool software Cedric found on line. It’s called TrailRunner and it allows you to map out route distances, grades and a whole bunch of other cool features I’ve yet to dip into. The blue, red and green paths are some of my morning routes through town and out into the countryside. 

Geeky, yes…..but fitness geeky!

My running continues to be an amazing way to venture down roads and discover areas I haven’t yet explored. I’ve huffed and wandered my way into absolutely stunning moments- the sun illuminating the last lingering blanket of morning fog just as my iPod serendipitously shuffles to the perfect supporting soundtrack moment.


As we slip into a beautiful Bretagne spring, I’ve become an alert witness to the budding growth, flowering change and deep transition occurring not only in the surrounding meadows and fields but also in my lungs, heart and head.

TAH DAH…………almost!

I’ve posted a version of “Prestidigitation-A Folly In Eleven Acts” on Sevenload.

It’s a low-res version and it breaks my heart to see it so scrappy after the big camera purchase but it’s a good way to share it and hopefully receive some constructive feedback. The real deal will be in all of its pore defining, grey hair accenting high-def glory! I hope it won’t sputter and snag along like it does on my ancient (four year old) iBook.

If it does, wait for it to completely load and then proceed. 

A second supporting video, large format stills, a series of bottle dioramas (stay tuned for images) and wall drawings integrated with planar set fragments will complete the exhibition “David Eckard-Sleight of Hand”.

It will premier at The Atelier Dado of the National Museum of Montenegro in Cetinje on May 16th and then travel to CIAC here in Pont-Aven in June.

A portion of the exhibition will be in “Call and Response” at The Museum of Contemporary Craft, in Portland, opening on June 18th.

My cohort and friend Anne-Julie Raccoursier,  who is currently teaching here at Pont-Aven, has already given me some great advice on rethinking the repetitiveness of the background music and re-editing it to be more chapter/illusion duration specific.

I couldn’t agree more.

That is one of the things that continues to poke me in the side as I view it.

I hope to tweak and fiddle around with it a bit more this weekend. Enough time has passed and I’m able to look at the piece a bit more objectively and really fine-tune it.

I look forward to your feedback!


Weigh-in Day…

93 kilos

total loss of 13 kilos or

28.66 pounds!

I also finally found out how far I’ve been running every morning….4 miles! 


It has been great. I’ve noticed such a change in my energy level, mood, sleep habits and overall I have a better sense of self. I just poked another hole in my belt yesterday to keep the new jeans up. I’m feeling so “Into The Wild”! (minus the incredible journey, dedicated sacrifice and tragic death…).

A British tourist biked by me the other day and joked…

“What are you running from?”

and I had to answer

“About 25 years of bad choices.”