at another image of #!@*%? cardboard tricks……..I mean

“…the visual illusions and sleight of hand of the “magician” are completely dependent on the planar/framed character of both the rendered proscenium and activated props. The rather absurd persona performs the tricks in a deadpan, pragmatic delivery barely contained in his claustrophobic, prop-cluttered spotlight. The illusions possess a dark undertone highlighting issues of deception, delusion, destruction and the problematic power of the showman.”

So I went through a ton of images I shot when I was in Paris with my brother (Dana) and my sister-in-law (Elly) and thought I’d post them. It was great spending time with them. They were incredibly generous and allowed me to pretend I knew my way around Paris!


Prestidigitation stills

I’ve been careening through some rather steep learning curves but have finished the majority of the editing for each of the chapters. Realizing my Etch-a Sketch wasn’t quite going to cut it, I immersed myself into the amazing complexities of Final Cut, dabbled into Live type and some Adobe sound program as well! 

Acquired an amazing collection of sound effects and they have added the perfect canned artifice to the piece. Chapter titles and a bit more tweaking and I may soon be seeing the digital light (pixel aspect ratio corrected of course…) at the end of the tunnel

Here is an assortment of stills pulled from the project.