Labored analogy…

So after a rapid fire trip across the US of A (New York, Minneapolis, Spirit Lake, Minneapolis, Portland), I’m settling back into my little village of Pont-Aven. It was an exhilarating and exhausting kaleidoscope of business, friends and family. I’m glad I got to see a good amount of people and wish I could have seen more. Thanks to those who made my visit(s) so special!

I delicately cradled my new video camera all the way home like a fresh newborn…only to find out that my infant is in fact a yowling, greedy, demanding little bundle. Now I get to play the “chase my own tail” game of support/peripheral upgrade. Of course my old (three years) G4 iBook isn’t fast enough to really take advantage of the high definition abilities of the camera and if I’m to do this right, Final Cut Studio 2 needs to be installed and can I comfortably use the tripod I now have and come on, still wearing jeans? Maybe I should upgrade to trousers or at least slacks. You call that a haircut and what about those socks….

Damn. Can’t I have anything nice?

Hanging out with friends and family who in fact do have new(ish) infants and knowing that a family is not in my future, I realize that the work, the creative explorations and the experiences I can embrace or create for myself are the core components and markers in my life. If I want to up the ante, raise the bar, expand my horizons, exceed my limits and do all sorts of other cliché ridden improvements with my career I need to commit (“You Can’t Spell Commit Without IT”) to a bigger sense of what the work can and needs to be.

Embrace it, flaunt it, work it and like the couple on my plane back to Paris, don’t be overly concerned if my “baby” is disrupting or disturbing anyone else.

So, Apple Store, get ready to approve a payment plan so my lil’ Canon can have a few more siblings in the crib.

Hmmm, I wonder how much a digital au pair is……….?