Market Day/Market Drawing

My apartment looks out onto the main square in Pont-Aven. Every Tuesday from about 8:30 to 1:00 there is a big public market with an amazing assortment of produce, cheeses, meat, local honey, etc. I wanted to add a little visual offering to the mix so I made an eight panel drawing (quick low budget charcoal on cardboard) that filled my front and upper floor windows. I created an unfurling, high contrast linked graphic that abstractly references some of the narrative sequences and visual timbre of “Moby Dick” flavored with the ever present mariner culture (real and performed) here in the region.

Imagine Melville realized by Sid and Marty Kroft…..

Through the summer as the tourist crowds increase, I will continue to create new drawings and explore the theatricality, sequential, framing and transient potentials of this public format. A video projection screen will also show up in one of the windows to allow for night sequences. 

Here are a few rough shots I snapped right before the clouds opened up and absolutely drenched the market.


I’ll be getting better shots without the glare when it stops raining.

Left Side

Right Side


Studio Peripherals

Slowly starting to add the little bits of visual detritus, clippings, found scraps, etc. to the corners and edges of the working space. 

Printed out a few photos from the travel trips to pin to the walls (I can’t just have soccer imagery from the sports page…)


And speaking

of my studio…..

Here’s a little video spin

Studio Day

After what has been too, too long I had a decent day in the studio. Made the big “to do after the term ends” list and continued to work on a series of related drawings. There have been too many large gaps of time and it’s difficult to pick up from the last session but will continue to adjust to the new position, its demands and the reality of being here. Summer is right around the corner and I know even three or four solid studio days will re-align the psyche. 

I’m 50 pages from finishing up Moby Dick and I’m realizing it has completely infiltrated my images. 

Water, river current, ocean, tidal rhythms, dramatic weather (and mood) shifts seem to propel me along here in Pont-Aven. A few steps from my studio is a little stone structure that used to shelter women washing the laundry at the river’s edge. A fantastic place to sit, ruminate, meditate, hydrate and contemplate. Midway through my project list is a river propelled zoetrope. I want to convert the little structure into a one or two person theatre and produce a series of gestural movement to play out with the river’s pace. We have an old school arc welder at the school and will hopefully fire it up (and not the school) during the summer.

Here’s a few shots of some of the drawings. The two single images, I believe, are finished and the wall shots are pieces that will go through many more transformations (in fact have since the photos were taken). 


I was wandering around the Historical Museum in Berlin thinking about my tableau vivants and theatrical staging, arrested moments, magic tricks, artifice, etc. and came across these amazing little diorama/set/image stages. 

The head is spinning now around a print or drawing series or kit that can be deployed as a mini proscenium. Similar to the “5 US Tragedies” performance props I used in Rio but freed from all of the performative actions.




Here is a short edited sample of the three “tableau vivants” I created last year in Pont-Aven. They will exist as a three channel installation and the four minutes of arrested gestures will slowly slip out of synch. The studio sounds that were captured during the pose intermingle and build an incidental soundtrack. 


Well, I’ve crossed over and have joined the blog culture. I guess I can pack away the magic lantern slides and have my carrier pigeons for dinner…

I’m currently the Studio Chair at the Pont-Aven School of Contemporary Art and will be sharing projects, images, videos, writing and other assorted creative expressions through this blog. On this, my maiden post, I want to promise that my contributions to the digital ether will stay project specific and not wander down the path of travel (b)log, the favorite cheeses of my travels or pensive, absinthe fueled ruminations on “the shadows falling across the cobbled way”…Ok, there may be one or two of those.

So, stay tuned for a few anxious murmurs from my new studio…